This edition of IDN Creative & Strategic forum was one of the best so far. The Indian summer that took over Bucharest during the conference made it possible for us to spend a lot of our time on the hotel’s terrace and out in the city, enjoying the breezy nights and delicious cocktails, talking to each other about our work, our lives, our interests and projects. It all came naturally, organic, to speak in digital marketing terms. 😉

The first official day of the conference was probably the most diverse one. All the presentations were excellent, with a touch of humour and some good news. For the humour, you had to be there, but the good news we’ll share it with you right now: Jos Birken announced that KatalystM and We!Interactive merged and created KLWTT, a customer and consumer focused marketing agency that is turning the ad agency business upside down. You can read more about KLWTT in the presentation posted below.

A great start off of the conference was also marked by Claes Ceverin. All those present at the conference would probably agree that his presentation about disruption and what will happen to transportation of people and things was very interesting, fresh and well put together. Claes is a strategist at Roi Division and an excellent speaker.

The guest speaker at the conference, Mihai Paraschiv from SymphoPay, presented us with a new way of using technology to create engagement with every single interaction. The moment you pay for a product with your card is an untapped opportunity where the customers, the merchant and the bank meet at the same time. You can find Mihai’s presentation below.

The round table discussion session flew by very fast. We had a lot to talk about. 40 minutes on some very interesting topics felt more like 5 minutes. But when the conversation gets going, lunch time won’t stop it. So yes, some of us continued our talks over lunch as well.

Next on the conference agenda was the workshop for Bioderma, a skincare brand, and our task was to create a recruiting new members strategy for Bioderma rewards club. We split into 4 teams and each team picked a place in the hotel to brainstorm for ideas. Luckily, the 5 stars hotel had plenty of quiet places, terraces and tons of coffee to fire up the creative process. The teams were really invested in the Bioderma workshop and their excellent final presentations showed the effort and interest they’ve put in. There were so many great ideas and interesting insights, that the Bioderma marketing team couldn’t decide on awarding just one team, so they awarded all four.

Because this edition was focused on creativity, Mark Reddick, creative consultant, prepared two wonderful presentations. We had the opportunity to receive tips and techniques on how to be more creative and learned how great content marketing can make all the difference. There were also a couple of exercises that gave us a chance to put our creative side at work. That was fun! Thank you, Mr. Reddick!

Don’t think that all we did was stand in a conference room. We also went sightseeing and visited the heaviest building in the world (the Palace of the Parliament), we had delicious dinners at famous restaurants, enjoyed the awards ceremony in the highest restaurant in the city (136 meters high) and last, but not least, we had the winner of the Pineapple Award, the talented and wild: Jeffrey Bohncke from vandenbusken agency. 😊

The member cases presented on the last day of conference were very inspiring and confirmed to all of us why they won the IDN Awards the night before. And since we are on the subject, here are the winners. Congratulations to all of them!

Category: Customer Strategy
Gold: HP Bonus Club, Create Direct, Romania

Category: Online Strategy
Gold: Sziget Festival 2019, Harvest Digital Company, UK
Silver: GIPHME Weber, vandenbusken, Holland
Bronze: The backyard hero Instagram story game, vandenbusken, Holland

Category: Loyalty
Silver: REAL HOT package, B&F Brüggemann & Freunde, Germany
Silver: HP Bonus Club, Create Direct, Romania

Category: CX/Service design
Gold: One tool, endless possibilities, vandenbusken, Holland

Category: Multichannel campaigns
Gold: Get ready for the urban jungle, vandenbusken, Holland

Category: Best use of content
Gold: Using high quality content to build brand and support organic search, Harvest Digital Company, UK

Silver: How humor and personality sell, vandenbusken, Holland
Bronze: Marketing to hyper-targeted B2B audiences, Harvest Digital Company, UK

Category: Innovations
Silver: GIPHME Weber, vandenbusken, Holland
Silver: Rewardiful, Create Direct, Romania
Bronze: The Happy Easter Egg challenge, vandenbusken, Holland

Category: Best use of data
Gold: A data-led approach to improving digital media performance, Harvest Digital Company, UK
Silver: Highly targeted digital marketing for global business school, Harvest Digital Company, UK
Bronze: One tool endless possibilities, vandenbusken, Holland

AGENCY OF THE YEAR: vandenbusken, Holland

Special prize for Best Creative: Get the warm feeling of winter grilling, vandenbusken, Holland

Special prize for Best strategy: Using high quality content to build brand and support organic search, Harvest Digital Company, UK


You can check out all the photos from the conference here.

Saving the great news for last, we are excited to announce that the next IDN meeting will take place in Kuala Lumpur! Stay tuned!



KLWTT – Jos Birken

Tips and Techniques for Creatives – Mark Reddick

Creativity, Content Marketing’s most powerful tool – Mark Reddick

From Payment to Engagement – Mihai Paraschiv

IDN Cross Collaboration Bucharest Presentation

Case iconic – IDN Bucharest 2019 – B&F Brüggemann & Freunde

Case MAYA – IDN Bucharest 2019 – B&F Brüggemann & Freunde

IDN-presentatie Leonie en Martijn

The Nature Of Disruption – Claes Ceverin