CLIENT NAME: Ministry of Interior


Trime Media was briefed by the Ministry of Interior to create communication that informed visitors to Bahrain of the need to adopt careful driving behaviors on Bahrain’s roads.

To inform visitors of the need to be careful on Bahrain’s roads while adopting a tone that was welcoming.


Target Audience:
Primary: Visitors to Bahrain
Secondary: Residents returning home

Creative Strategy:
Since the early 1990s road injury had become the leading cause of premature death in Bahrain. Something had to change. People had to think again. Thus making people aware was the primary marketing strategy that was delivered through a creative strategy whose name epitomised what people had to do, namely ReThink.

Media Strategy:
A multi-platform approach was adopted throughout the airport. Given drivers were the primary TM, airport billboard media delivered the main push, supported by clever adaptations on airport ground-based and aircraft media.

The ReThink strategy was executed across airport media with a sympathetic look, feel and tone of voice in order to be welcoming to visitors and yet advise them of the need to take care when driving on Bahrain’s roads.


1. As of now there have been fewer visitor deaths on Bahrain’s roads
2. Greater awareness has been achieved to the audience via the campaign and through information distributed through car rental companies
3. The campaign was positively received given it takes an almost touristic approach to a traditionally safety-focused subject