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Using the internet, this knowledge library aims to keep the InterDirect members updated on latest marketing news, DM campaigns by members in each country , market and business information, and current and upcoming activities of the InterDirect Network . In short the InterDirect Knowledge Library will enable members to read, present, discuss, upload, share and download a whole host of DM information, thus giving you the power to be better DM professionals.

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Send your case-studies to central@interdirectnetwork.com. Showcase your best DM campaigns creations, share articles and present insightful findings and reports through this link. And what’s more: it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (this library is never closed!) and it keeps growing as people contribute their knowledge to it.

The InterDirect knowledge library is an embodiment of InterDirect network’s aim – the exchange of professional DM information and the exchange of DM business. So click your way through and exploit this opportunity.

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InterDirect Central Coordination Centre is the centre, responsible for agency coordination and liaison. It also handles new business enquiries and provides information about the network.

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