IDN Creative and Strategic Forum, Bucharest / ROMANIA, September 11-14, 2019

Cocktail & Welcome

Wednesday, September 11 - Welcome cocktail - from 18:00 till 22:00 (cocktail + dinner)

Meetings & Presentations:

Thursday, September 12 - from 9:15 till 18:00 (Concerence + Workshop + Dinner outside hotel)

Friday, September 13 - from 9:15 till 15:30 Full conference day (Social Selling training + workshop groups + sightseeing + dinner out)

Saturday, September 14 - from 9:15 till 14:30 Full conference day (Workshop presentations + Member cases from IDN Awards + free time + dinner out + IDN Awards + Pineapple Awards)

Sunday, September 15 - check out and travel home

Please send in BEFORE August 15, 2019! Thank you!


Attending all meetings, lunches, dinners. (For "guests/spouses", see below)


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Hotel reservations:

The InterDirect Central Coordination Center will make the hotel reservations for you at our conference hotel: Marshal Garden Hotel

Any cancellation, reduction on number of nights or no show from 15th of August 2019, the Hotel will charge on the credit card, the total amount of nights requested. If the room is guaranteed by IDN, the Hotel will charge IDN and IDN will charge the member.

Hotel Rates

Single Room - € 90 (Buffet Breakfast included) | Double Room - € 109 (Buffet Breakfast included).

Hotel Nights

Number of rooms per night:

Tuesday -> Wednesday
Sept 10-11
Wednesday -> Thursday
Sept 11-12
Thursday -> Friday
Sept 12-13
Friday -> Saturday
Sept 13-14
Saturday -> Sunday
Sept 14-15

Total number of rooms



Getting to the hotel, from the Bucharest International Airport (OTP):

To get from OTP Bucharest International Airport to the hotel, you have the following options:
- hire a black cab ( It is approximately 12-15 Euro and the driver waits for you in the Arrival Hall
- hire an UBER. It can take about 10-15 minutes until the UBER arrives and it waits for you in the parking area. The costs is around 8-10 Euro.
- hire a TAXI from the airport - take an existing one outside or go to the Taxi infochiosc to ask for one. The costs is around 8-10 Euro.
- Get the hotel taxi - you will find info in the hotel registration form. It is fixed price - 30 Euro.

When in Bucharest, the most convenient way to move from one place to another is UBER. Since you are in the city centre, the average rates are around 3-4 Euro / trip :).


The official currency is LEU (RON = Romanian Leu), where Leu means Lion. 1 EURO = 4.76 RON. Do not exchange money in the airport, as the exchange rate is the worst ever. You may withdraw money (RON) at any ATM Machine from your card or you can go to any bank to exchange the cash (USD or EURO to RON).

There are NO COSTS involved for InterDirect active members .
Guests / Spouses have FREE access to dinners and sightseeings.

Only your air fare and hotel are at your own expences.

Please note: After registering you will receive a confirmation.

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