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Work From Home During a Pandemic

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We are living complicated times. The pandemic we are forced to face is not a first in the history of mankind, but it is unprecedented in the sense that we have never been as technologically advanced, as virtually interconnected and digitalized as we are now. We can speculate the effects the pandemic will have, like forced [...]

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Have a happy 2020!

By | January 6th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

A new year has begun and we all have great plans, big hopes and high expectations. It's a new chapter waiting to be written and we are excited for the new opportunities the year will bring for all of us. The InterDirect Coordination centre wishes you a wonderful year filled with rewarding projects, successful results and [...]

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Living in the fast lane

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Rehau Rewards is a point-based loyalty program for REHAU. The program objectives are to influence, incentivize and loyalize installers. Every time a company or an installer purchases REHAU products and services, they receive reward bonus points that can be converted into prizes from the catalogue available on the website rewards.rehau.ro . The platform is a success. [...]

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#1 Agency Spotlight. IDN Netherlands

By | October 30th, 2017|Categories: Agency Spotlight, IDN Netherlands, Pandora, Public, Uncategorized|

IDN AGENCY NAME: vandenbusken COUNTRY: The Netherlands THE STORY: vandenbusken was founded in 1961 by Pieter van den Busken. With his great and unique vision Pieter changed the way we look at direct marketing. In 2002 the brothers Arnout and Caspar van den Busken took over the company and carried on Pieters vision. For over 50 [...]

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