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Ron Blaauw Central Station Website

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He’s Dutch, inspirational and a culinary entrepreneur: Ron Blaauw. Always sharing his passion in the kitchen with other chefs, during lectures, workshops and educations. In 2018 he opened Ron Blaauw College where he’s teaching upcoming chefs in 13 weeks. The education is with job guarantee, what a great initiative. And when you sum all these things [...]

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Living in the fast lane

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Rehau Rewards is a point-based loyalty program for REHAU. The program objectives are to influence, incentivize and loyalize installers. Every time a company or an installer purchases REHAU products and services, they receive reward bonus points that can be converted into prizes from the catalogue available on the website rewards.rehau.ro . The platform is a success. [...]

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Rebranding process Cannock

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Three organizations in the field of payment solutions and collection (DAS Incasso Rotterdam, X-Pact and Cannock Chase) will continue together under one name: Cannock. vandenbusken has supervised this entire rebranding process. We have started determining the new identity. We’ve done this based on the Golden Circle method. During these sessions we tried to find out the [...]

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Save the date and start daydreaming!

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Ever daydreamed about attending an InterDirect conference? Is it weird to daydream about something like that? We don’t think so, especially when the next IDN meeting will take place in Kuala Lumpur. The first InterDirect conference of 2020 is happening this spring, between the 23rd and 25th of April, in Kuala Lumpur. Save the date and [...]

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