A Digital campaign of subscriptions for SÁBADO magazine, starting with a memory game, developed to create an engagement with the prospect.

Our services:
• Dialogue marketing
• E-mail marketing platform
• Data validation
• Creativity

About the project
A direct marketing email (EDM) to get new subscribers for SÁBADO Magazine. The user starts by making a small memory game to find pairs of magazine covers. Then, gradually, he will discover the various offers and advantages for subscribers. The objective is to create involvement and raise the interest of the prospect in the subscription of the magazine.
We created a back-office created in which the client has access to real-time statistics: information about the subscribers personal data, submissions, in which page of the site the prospect stopped (so the client could do a follow-up telemarketing campaign) openings, clicks, percentages of openings / clicks on mobile vs. desktop, browser used.

Pieces produced:
• Inbox
• Website
• Telemarketing script
• Social media posts image
• Banners